Can I use my own hosting or domain provider?

Sure, you can use your own hosting or domain provider. You will need to provide us with your credentials so we can configure the website on your desired hosting provider.

What packages do you offer?

We offer 3 packages:

  • 5 Pages: $399
  • Up to 12 Pages: $549
  • Up to 20 Pages: $699

Prices inclusive of GST. 

The only additional cost for you is for hosting and domain name registration. We help you with organizing this. The payment for the hosting and domain name is paid directly to them.

What is I require updates after the website is live?

We’ll provide 5 updates per year, however if you will have access to your content management system and should be able to perform updates yourself as well.

What's the process of getting my business online?

Feeling intimidated by all this tech-talk? It’s actually very simple.

  1. Select a package
  2. Contact us and give us a quick summary of what your business is and what you want to achieve from your website
  3. If you need a new domain name and web hosting, we can walk you through this and help you purchase
  4. Provide us with information about your business – logos, information, any text or images you wish to appear on your new website
  5. We will then design, create, and transfer everything to you within 14 days, while working collaboratively with you
Do you require a deposit?

We take a 50% deposit prior to commencement. Final payment is made upon the website going live.

Do you provide support and revisions once my website is live?

We will provide up to 5 amendments per year. Note that you will have a login to your website which you can also add or amend content using the WordPress Content Management System.

Can you create eCommerce websites?

We sure can! eCommerce websites require a little more work than standard websites. Please contact us and advise how many products you plan on selling and we can discuss pricing on a case by case basis